Thursday, 28 June 2012

FRAZZLED & TUCKERED out..yet,I feel so ELATED!!!

I had baggy eyes this morning,I slept too late - at 4:00 !
So I had to wake up by sharp 5:00.
By 6:00 I was all ready to move out to leave for Delhi,my friend 'mona' was waiting for me at my gate {she had to come along for some different reasons}.We sat in the car & moved !

Mid way we halted at a random restaurant where we had some light breakfast !Mona wanted some chips and we also grabbed some pop corns.

Now continuing our journey..this girl took a short nap for around 15 min,while I continued with my music and admiring the sun rays outside !
It was awesome indeed :)

We entered Delhi & dropped my girlie at her destination.I went to my cousin's place from where another cousin picked me up [confusing :| ]
When I reached at my "another" cousin's place I saw my sister Buffing her pretty toe nails ... I threw my bag on the bed and grabbed a good glass of chilled orange tang !
After an hour or so ,it was time for my sister's vocal music class & her guru ji {teacher} arrived & after a few minutes I could hear "sa re ga ma....." (Do Re Me Fa ....) .. The musical was beautifully played by guruji on the Taanpura( An India instrument very similar to guitar)

In the meanwhile  I had a good chat with brother .. and soon it was time for him to go for some gymming !
While both my loves were unavailable , I tried to have a nice nap that while.

Half and hour later my sister woke me up and tole me to get ready.She wanted us to go to the near by market to grab some snacks & nick nacks !

We,when reached home,very late realised that the snacks we've got have been exchanged with some one else's order (omg) 
My brother came back & we went to that snack shop to clearify , but too late it was ... it said "CLOSED"

We got back home and freshened up , had some unhealthy food [ AS NOW I'AM PRETTY OKAY :) ]
Now , tomorrow morning I'll be leaving for Pink City (JAIPUR,RAJASTHAN).. with sister dear.

I'am all ready to meet my favorite aunt ( cousin's mom )

Waiting for tomorrow .. i hope for something really ecstatic and enchanting coming my way :)


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