Monday, 25 June 2012


When I woke up this morning , I didn't feel the same choked breath as i was feeling since past 6-7 days !
was it something within me ?? or did the medicines work ? well - whatever !
I feel so great :)
The heavy felt sickness inside me seems to be all going away "yayy" ...
Slowly ... from all the sweet milky things i'am shifting onto something a lil more tastier & salty now { maybe a lil spicier from tomorrow ? } ;)

So i didn't do anything much of today .. me & my sister had a plan to watch the " random rebirth love story " movie today .. but the luck didn't work i guess.
we have plans for tomorrow ! lets see !

My prayers for my friend are always with him
Hope everything gets well & in his family's favor

I look forward to something good tomorrow .. a good news .. a good meal .. anything nice !

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