Saturday, 23 June 2012

Hopes all the way :)

So , last night was horrible ! I could see some amazing food all around me - but felt helpless as i couldnt eat a thing at all !! ( clogged foodpipe) :(
( I sobbed too , a lot actually ) I'am so fed up of just having cold milky stuff !! eeks !!
Today my sister's friend is here - she is Indian , but looks like a typical  blonde ... she looks beautiful ! ...
I dreamt last night of all my family people singing and playing a musical game .. and guess what ?! Today morning i got to know one of my cousins is planning to join a vocal music class !!

The ceiling of my room is too boring to stare at .. and the books i love dont seem nice any more !
I'am done with my designs ..{I plan to start with my own  work of Wedding Designing }and waiting for myself to get a li'l better and go to meet Mr. Chaitanya - my design executor ! ... I hope to nicely collaborate with him and get some awesome business opportunities :)

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