Wednesday, 27 June 2012


There are times when you just need only one being with you & that is you , yourself !
No one can get you going but you ! Everyone will just let you down , under estimate you  , will give you unhealthy criticism .. but your shoulders don't have to droop down.
 This , with me , happens often.Happened today too.
Earlier I just sobbed in a dark corner.
But a soul,very close to my heart  geared me up one sudden moment !

She left me years ago .. but she reminds of my strength everyday and night !
She lightens my face with courage and energy,telling me I have to keep fighting ..
There's no harm in showing concern for people who don't understand you , one day they will .
There's no point in passing a smile at a being who doesn't " give a damn " , one day they will .

So , I'am learning.
let go off things & situations which just give me pain & let me down.
think twice before hurting anyone
get going in every phase ...

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