Sunday, 24 June 2012

Just another Day !

Hi people !
These few hours have not been so very good without "Food" !
I am missing all the Good Juices , Peppy Cheeses , Spicy Savouries and all my Best Flavours !
Well,cant help it now yeah ?! Just a few more days to go *hopefully* :)
My friend Tanya- meaning "very beautiful" (*in french*) is here ... getting her skin pampered at my mom's bridal studio :) we are discussing the flop flick she watched yesterday - which describes 2 people in love,who thrice have a rebirth in different castes & religions !! *too much romance* &* too much typically bollywood *

I here sit right in front of the window of my room ... with a water bottle besides me .. where I also read various random *meaning nothing* stupid and vague Tweets & where I chat with my best brother (cousin) named "Sahil" - meaning * Deep tranquiled Shore of the Sea * ( how serene it is ! ) ... He waits for me to visit him soon !!
We have so much to discuss about { Just about nothing actually }

I have nothing much to describe as of now :)
It feels great to sit at the corner of my room ..thinking & analysing my own thoughts !

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