Thursday, 5 July 2012

Some things just remain Perfect forever :)

Pink City [ Jaipur , Rajasthan ] welcomed me with a hot breeze , the sands dusting my hair !
I reached there when the sun was just above my head ! A noon too hot !
Words are not enough to describe how much care i was given by my favorite aunt :)

I was given the best Lemonade , the best Mango Smoothie , the tastiest home made white pastano !!!

well , those were my daily appetizers :D
Now that i'am so attached to my Blog , the feeling was terrible when the network connections got me mad ! 4 days and no wifi !!?
Sick ~I had been to this city before , but  I never got a good chance to explore the pleasing & terrific aesthetics of the city - this time was it !!
I wanted to know all , about the Gem works , food , buildings , & culture of course !!

The typical Jaipur gem work 
Its amazing to know how the craftsmen make these beautiful pieces all with hands !
Yes , that is all hand made !
The work is so alluring , I just couldn't get my eyes off the fancy pretty colors of the jewels !

My best experience was at "Chokhi Dhani "
A mini Rajasthan in itself !

Chokhi Dhani enterance

This was the man who's Parrot attempted to tell me future by selecting a random number card.
How amazing - everything was so true !

The superb ginger tea stall

The enterance of the main diner !
Okay , to be true , the food was fantabulous

Another view of a part of chokhi dhani !

The Bangle shop
My eyes couldnt take the flash of the camera !
It was pretty dim in there !
(lovelyy fooood)

Pretty cloth shop