Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Trying to be more Pellucid !

  Since past 15-20 days..I have a much clear version of people around , their intentions , their faces , their language...but I still feel that I lack the sagacity of my own betterment and wrong decisions!

I have met the people again whom i have met before , but I always see a constant change in them .. though they still seem the same forever! 
I pray for my friends and kin .. and others whom i hardly know .. .....The strangers whom I came across only once , and the aquaintances who were once strangers and became the people I know now !

Today, I have written a small note ( like i always do ) for my li'l cousin - sanjana...
telling her that she carries the luck and support of her wonderful parents ..
I hope one day she stands up to their expectations ... after all "mom & dad" are irreplaceable ... & .. everyone is not so wonderfully fated :)
I hope she feels good about what i have written for her .. ( she will read it after i am gone tonight )

I am going back with handful of experiences ,
so that whenever I come back i have something new to look upon !

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