Wednesday, 18 July 2012

My Sky is a Different Canvas everyday !

These Purple-Red trees are too much of a fascination for me  :)
The road jam right in the morning at 6:30
This seems like a painting to me , where an artist has put
random brush strokes to express his blue mood in grey !
I tried to click this picture - no wait ! I wanted to see
how well can i follow the swift fly which was constantly attempting
to sit on my nose ! so I just tried to capture when it was sitting on the
window glass ! (not bad )
Soon it started Drizzling
(I only like when it drizzles , i dislike heavy rains )

I captured some of the views in my phone memory , as these skies spoke variant definitions of colors .. changing every few minutes !
I traveled from Dawn to Dusk by road ... watching a color change say " orange-grey-orange ".
I lazed sitting uneasy for the first 1 hour !
Trying to sleep as well as looking out at the sky ....
The chitterchatter of my sister and aunt, discomforted my nap ! I couldnt help but wake up ....

Later my sister craved for some "mithaii - indian relish made from milk and other nuts mostly "

And soon , it was Sunny !

We soon reached our destination , and boy ! Peace was it ! That house's room had such a
Pretty view .... oh my gosh !

When , I tried to drown in this depth of
the glass's liquid , trying to hypnotise my own
sensuality !
My favorite room

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