Sunday, 3 March 2013


How bold have you been in displaying your Capricious thoughts today ?
Have you been able to sort out your fickle mindedness ?

Anxiety has been gifted to you & i !
It came packed with zillions of Convictions , simultaneously tied with a firm opinion .. 

It is Ribboned with Enthusiasm .. doubts !

Frilled with droplets of your self esteem ... 

Premised on your Brainstorming !
Packed with everything crazy but dreamy ``

You still have a diverging road with withered yellow leaves 
With withered yellow leaves and precious green dew filled stems !

You wanton and make frolic 
You spend the dizzy hours putting yourself in fractions and segments !
But !
Have you yet delivered a good emotion ? Have you received it ?

Never cease to respect your deepest plans ` They seem purposeless ? ?

They'll be taken care of  !
Tomorrow when the sun shines or the breeze smiles across your face ...

Embrace your Dawn - and years to come - it will Embrace you back !!!

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