Thursday, 14 March 2013

Fancy for the PAN & PLATE !

& I enter the most Heavenly lands of my Cottage - my Kit-chen :)
Yes , every morning .. I feel tremendously Godly.

I see the Cups making a conversation with the spoons ; of how the Sugar Crystals were so fine & just effortlessly manage to mingle with the Lemonade !

I see the Stirrers chatting among the cute glasses .. making gossips that they are Superior & Sleek , & that , they carry more elegance !

I visualize the Porridge jumping up and frizzling towards the milk jar.....

 ... .... The Mild Citric Perfumes of the Juices ....
The strength of the aroma - of the Latte' Beans !

Golden Dust of the Crust of the Toasties :)
& the Butter Polish Sizzling over the same !

I yawn & take a step -

The Sun rays falling on my eyes & i struggle to take a look at the Gorgeous Honey Jars .....
& Glancing over Hot Chocolate Tins !

Then the Beautiful Orange liquid whispers to me " hey li'l one ... "
& I smile wide ..
And then , a fistful of Roasted crunchy nuts !
A bit of grapes !....................

That Huge Bay window -

with the sunshine pouring in ..
is Serene !

Its the most pretty & warm space , here , I can sit and write Blogs like these ..

I can get Nostalgic & eat Vanilla Cookies ..

I can weep with the Onions & feel the coriander dancing ; spreading its soft breath !!

 ---Wonderfully exotic with all kinds of amazing Spices & Savories - Crisps & Crusts , 

Cheese & Chocolates
I fall in Love everyday here ..
Every single time I get here, I Smile & can't get enough :)

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