Wednesday, 12 February 2014

H!m & the Cake !

Rays , so shiny fell over her black lashes as she walked !
The grey vase with yellow flowers shone.It was breezing cold and warm like the summers touching the virgin lands.The Bougainvillea looked crisp and frail in the giant sand pots! Each time the dawn sleeps , the skies get navy! Navy like the ink! Navy with the diamonds spilt over !

That quiet night she thought of ringing him.Dialled his digits.Cancelled the call.
He must be in the most peaceful state! The most handsome time of his night! He maybe fadedly smiling in his sleep.Worth a zillion.
A secret stock of images in her telephone .. She scrolled up and above all the photographs of his ! Black white sepia and colour pictures where he holds her with contentment.
Her name and his laughter echoed.
Unable to walk towards the kitchen , it was 3:00 am,because she was nervous .

She could recall how he followed her to there with a brown cake and told her to eat a share ..
And how the cake tasted  better and smoother  , and how she had chills down her spine cause he looked stupendous even in his rugged old red shirt! His ordinary hair were ordinarily in place.
She gulped down three sips and walked back.
Staring at the ceiling she can't wait for the dawn to hit again! No end to their texting and expressions via alphabets !

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