Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Cold Core - Frozentine


Majorly Overrated , Just like any other Celeb, Yes that !
Poorly Scripted ... like a Super Non Existing Movie !

Its Fainted , Its Blurred like a sad picture taken from a Dirty Mentality Camera Lense !

Its got the Golden Lush in the Rush of the Expression!
Then the Bling starts Twinkling & Shimmering !

In that Shimmer , the Respect goes Unseen & Ugly !
The Shimmer Fades ...
The Ugly Memories Linger... 

How it initiated,How it paused !

Frozen ! Numb ! Sense-less !
Just a Phase what I call !


1 comment:

  1. Apt!!!! Lovee is but an overrated feelibg for those who havent loved or been loved..but fr those who've felt is its divine..i would like to believe its devine as unquestionably its the happiest feeling....its the glow which lingers with u when all the rest seems haywire...romatic love is what we r unlucky at if i put it that way... But you cant deny the love which never ceases to exist by small loving gestures of our family and friends.if not looked frm a romantic anglevi think we are blessed!!!! As far as romantic love is concerned let true love find us inside out... Rather than we finding it..hope to get lucky sooon ;)