Monday, 23 November 2015


Hi !


Wait, Let me rewind back into the reel of this cassette!
What cassette?

The flashback, the reminiscence.
They say, its "kismet" that pens down all happenstance.& so many amazing things happened to me!

Good amazing & bad amazing!

The good amazing? 
I entered a new chapter of life, I found a partner!
The bad amazing?
You know how a magnet gets detached & gets attached to the other piece of attraction?
I parted similarly with my folks! I feel the pinch at times. Its ugly you know! It hurts & I cant explain how bad. Its been a year now that i've hugged them !!!


So, going down to the memory lane..
I lost touch with "thoughtsonmyplate" because, there was a need to attend some priorities over my personal preferences.

Fast Rewind <<< Joined airlines<Quit airlines<got engaged<got married<left country<moved into a new world<new life<ups<downs<goods<bad<love<hate<new job<left job<new job again<settling in still …
I left behind my old dresses, frills & socks, old books, the world of balloons & hopscotch !
I am in a world now of new adventures!

One day I experience a roller-coaster adrenaline rush down my spine, blasting with happy emotions.
Another day I feel glitches in my system! Tangled confusions. Waves of doleful feelings!
Maybe its just a hankering phase.


And one has to keep going on neglecting the stupid, ugly knots sizzling in the brain.
And embrace the various seasons life has to offer. 
Count each blessing & wonder why they were bestowed on?
Live every minute for its gone, once its gone!

The other day I was wondering..
I mostly forget that I'm not immortal! I just have one beautiful canvas to paint till I am !
I dont want to sit & whine when I'm sixty five & regret not doing what I could.

I want to feel the joy-kicks.

Make a book of a thousand fantastic chapters … each displaying fulfilment  of my vague, off-beat intentions & ambitions !!!

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