Wednesday, 19 September 2012

I Smoke Dreams ♥

So much variance I grasp everyday , every moment ... be it with people around , or the nature revolving !
They effortlessly make me low without stepping into my shoes for even once !
But, this has not hammered my love for " i die for " things ...
I try dreaming something with loads of glow and smooth ..

The window pane throws a big light inside my room where I have kept all my li'l and large books ....with the fainted roses scattering out of the pale pages ! and I open my eyelids where I realise .. I have forgotten or I have lost all the smooth colors I saw last night ...

So the unpleasant,variant & numb emotions have helped me construct a den ....
& this shell fades all my anguish and affliction !

Maybe I will feel stronger and happier
Maybe I will leave all the sickness behind
Maybe just a li'l deep breath will make me feel fragrant
Maybe I will achieve the serenity I live for

Maybe I just want a walk around the shrubs and buds ....

This world is a huge white sheet .. I will play with the colors of my passion , I will fade strokes of ambition ...
I want to splash some glitter of smiles and create a Life what I call !

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